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Parent’s Week 2018

Posted on: 22 Oct 2018, admin

We’re coming to the end of Parent’s Week (17-23rd October), so we thought we’d take a look at the issues working parents continue to face, and offer ways to help reduce stress.

The benefits of flexible working

Some parents choose to opt for a flexible learning set-up, which allows them to better manage the daily responsibilities of being a parent.

All employees have the legal right to request flexible working. So if this is something that interests you, then speak to your line manager or HR team to discuss your options.

There are plenty of studies that suggest flexible working is not only a practical solution for many, but also increases levels of productivity. For more information, you can read our previous blog on the issue: Why flexible working can increase productivity.

Know your parental rights

As a working parent, knowing your entitlements is key. Employers should be supportive and allow an amount of flexibility (within reason), when it comes to parental responsibilities and balancing this with the demands of work.

There will be times when you have to drop everything for your child, whether it’s to collect them from school or the nursery due to sickness or childcare falling through. You can take time off work (unpaid) to deal with any unexpected issues or emergencies involving your children.

For further information on your parental rights, visit Families Online or for professional advice.

How to reduce guilt as a working parent

Most parents experience guilt at some stage, especially when it comes to balancing home life and pursuing a career.

Parents can find the prospect of returning to work following maternity or paternity leave both distressing and upsetting. It’s normal to feel this way, especially as you’ve spent weeks or months bonding with your new baby.

Guilt can be incredibly stressful, particularly when you have meetings, deadlines and projects to focus on. Read our blog post on how to reduce guilt as a working parent here: Five tips for reducing the guilt of being a working mum

Self care: hints and tips for working parents

These days, people are adopting various strategies when it comes to reducing stress and practicing self-care. We are told to look after ourselves, eat well, exercise regularly, meditate, the list goes on. But what if you’re a parent with children to wash, dress and feed?

You’re not alone. In fact, there are a number of useful tips on self-care methods for parents that are both practical and achievable. These include the following:

  • Arrange for childcare and schedule 1 hour per week for a coffee and chat with a close friend.
  • Take a brisk walk in the park and listen to a podcast. This is a great way to get exercise, fresh air and engage in an interesting debate or topic of choice.
  • Call a friend, parent or loved one.
  • Keep a journal and write for a few minutes each night – it’s a lovely way to unwind and clear your mind for a good night’s sleep.