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Client Testimonials


Rightmove has worked with Ascendant Recruitment for many years. During this time we have worked with several consultants from the Ascendant team, including Sheila, Abbey, Kelly and David.

Ascendant has typically recruited for customer supporting positions for Rightmove, such as Customer Service and Telephone Account Manager roles.

We have been working with Ascendant Recruitment for such a long time now that they really do understand what we are looking for.  The candidates we receive through are well screened and on the whole very good.

We like to use agencies that take the time to understand us and what we look for when recruiting. It’s important that we feel the agency listens to us and really takes this on board when searching for candidates for us.  We want Rightmove to be represented well and candidates to have a great experience with us even if they aren’t successful that time around.

Ascendant has taken the time over the years to really get to know Rightmove as a business and the people who work here. We have regular communication both ways which means we have good working relationships.

Over the years Ascendant has worked really hard with us to find great people and continues to do so. They care about your business and the candidates and ensuring we get the right people for the right roles.